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What if your child was engaged in play and you both felt good?

What Parents Say

"My son started to collect rocks everywhere we went, he was always bringing some home, and he wanted to keep them for a while, then I realized that I could actually create some cheap and educational activities by following the ideas I found at kidsmoveanlearn.com. Now I actually like when we play rocks together." - Mom of a 2 year old

My mission is to help other moms with their toddlers and preschoolers

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Hi! I’m Anita and I’m here to help you and your child connect, play and learn because my mission is to help moms feel confident with simple ideas and activities for young children.

Each activity whether it’s focused on behavior or learning goals, I guarantee they will help you and your child feel more successful and prepare for what’s ahead.

Activities shouldn’t feel like more work. Instead, the routines and the various parts of a child’s day should determine what you do. Every child and every family is unique. 

I help moms take an expectation and break it into manageable, bite size pieces that align with the child’s interests and their family goals.

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