Summer Activity Calendar for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Summer is supposed to be fun!

If summer is supposed to be fun, then you want to have SIMPLE easy ideas to keep kids busy that don’t add more work on you.

Let’s face it. Every day you already have so much work to do, so why add more?

A summer activity calendar can help outline ideas to keep kids busy.

We all want kids to play independently, and that’s why simple activities that bring in a variety of open-ended play with time to bond and connect will foster those skills.

And also, the more you expose toddlers and preschoolers to a variety of activities and build their confidence to explore, the more they will be ready for Kindergarten.

Here is how to use the summer activity calendar to keep your sanity and keep kids engaged:

1. Download this summer calendar.

Simple daily fun calendar image

2. Pick a couple of activities a week to introduce.

When you introduce the activity, you build in new learning and new ideas for them to try. Many of the activities are open-ended meaning there are no right or wrong ways to play. This fosters independence, curiosity and more time for you to sit back and observe. Half of the activities require little to no materials so you can plan ahead if there is something you want to prepare to have ready to bust boredom.

While the activities can be for toddlers or preschoolers, you’ll notice what activities are easier for the older children. It’s great to introduce all activities, but if you want more open-ended play these are some top favorites.


  • Make your own sandbox by using an under the bed container for storage of the sand and toys. Change up the toys or add some water to make the sand wet and watch the fun!
boy holding sand pail


  • Get a similar size storage container to use for water play. One day add in some plastic animals or other toys, while another day add in some funnels and scoops. and you can reuse throughout the whole summer.


  • Instead of using play doh toys, turn it into a pretend cookie day where you roll little balls and squish them with your fingers to put into a box (pretend oven). Then don’t forget the fun time pretending to eat them.


  • Provide a pile of red cups and encourage your child to build towers or other structures with them. Don’t forget knocking them down can be just as fun!
cup building tower


  • Water paint outside. This is just a container of water and a brush and let the kids go outside and pretend to paint anything!


  • Experiment the speed of things by rolling cars or balls down various ramps. Try things like different slides, or create ramps with boxes, stairs or container lids

3. After trying an activity from the summer calendar, take note if you know it’s one of their favorites.

Some people like to put the calendar on the fridge and circle, check mark or X out the things their kids like or don’t like. Having this handy as a resource makes it easy to get the kids occupied when you need it most. That way you can suggest the favorite activity again when you need them to be engaged.

flower girl playing with playdoh

4. Consider how to extend the summer activity to infuse some more learning when they do it a second time.

Simple describing words to label, compare, predict can add in a lot of learning, but also giving them the time to touch, manipulate and build finger muscles is very critical.

Ultimately, it seems like children need a lot of skills for Kindergarten, but this checklist has the 10 most important things. The free checklist comes with a bunch of new activity ideas as well!

Ready for Kindergarten checklist

5. Have fun taking it day by day. Remember timing is everything! If something is too hard or frustrating, try it at another time.

Start today by downloading this summer calendar!

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