Setting Goals for your Child to Help them Grow and Learn

Setting child-sized goals are easier than you think!

Many people set new year goals for themselves, but have you ever thought about the goals you set for your child and how to help meet the goal?

Is it to clean their toys? Or to be a better listener? Or maybe it’s to get them ready for school?

Or maybe on the flip side you want them to stop doing something rather than start doing something?

Do you want them to stop having tantrums? To stop running around the house? To stop throwing toys?

You can try a lot of things and be given a million strategies on what to do.

But did you know the number one way to change behavior is to set a goal.

Not 10 goals. Just pick one to start with.

Focusing on one will help you be more successful, but you can plan the steps along the way.

Think of it like this. Imagine you’re wanting to diet or go to the gym. Is that really your goal? No, your goal would be to lose weight or be more healthy. And how you work towards that goal can change. You may work out more one week, or eat healthier another, but you don’t change your goal, right?

Another important factor to remember is that when you have a bad day, do you think of your goal? You may not follow through the same way, but you wish you did and so you come up with ideas to stick to your goal right?

Like maybe you put a reminder on your calendar, or a sticky note on your fridge. Or maybe you have a friend or pay a coach to keep you on track?

The same idea of having a strategy to stick to your goal is true when you try to change your kids.

A helpful strategy is to find a way to remind yourself of your goal every day so even on a bad day you don’t detour (too much).

For example, keeping your goal in the front and center will make a big difference like maybe you want a sticky note, or maybe you want another tracker like this one.

Regardless of how you decide to remind yourself, you have to start with picking the right goal for you and your family.

That’s why I find this video helpful to share how to pick your priority on what you want to work on with your kids. 

Here are some Activity Planning Steps to Set Goals:

Once you have your first goal, write it down.

Use this template and put it on the fridge, the mirror or somewhere you will see it every day.

This way you’ll work towards that goal and stick with it or re-focus quicker on your bad days. And it will remind you when you stray.

For example, sometimes moms talk about wanting their kids to be more independent, but they keep doing everything for them.

So if you see the reminder, you’ll change your behavior to support them.

Of course it doesn’t happen overnight, but intentionally changing one behavior one step at a time can make a huge difference.

That’s why in this FREE Behavior You Love video series you’ll learn bite size ideas you can use right away.

It only takes 21 days to form a habit, so make it simple for yourself to pick one thing at a time before moving onto the next. But don’t forget it all starts with a goal.

Use this goal setting template to help track your goals and include your child to color in the success.

For more tips and ideas, check out this 20 page booklet filled with ideas.

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