Teach Kindness

MANY kids need to be explicitly taught how to be kind.

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28 activities that are developmentally appropriate for ages 2-6.

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Try one activity per day to help kids learn empathy and kindness.

Playing with new people, sharing, or giving someone a hug are some of the daily simple ways to show love.

four pictures in one: 1: kid rolling dough and making a snowman, second, a kid hugging a cat with a mom, third is two kids hugging with chef hats on, third is a girl smiling while she is cutting.

Did you know?
2 year olds should begin to...

Use their hands to manipulate objects to experiment with such as fill, stack, dump and pour.

Jump, run, climb, and roll around

Talk in 2-3 word sentences, respond to simple questions, and begin to use new vocabulary

Kid stacking blocks

Did you know?
3 year olds should begin to...

Use coloring or painting materials by drawing straight lines or circles.

Sit and listen for about 8 minutes with a book read to them.

Sing, pretend, or build structures using their imagination.

child playing pretend doctor with a teddy bear

Did you know?
4 year olds should begin to...

Cut simple things with scissors

Count and recognize quantities up to 10

Tell basic stories about things they’ve read or done.

Recognize a couple letter sounds such as the first letter of their name?

scissors and a bunch of colorful strips of paper

Start Now
with Easy Ideas

Go through the calendar to discover:

  • 28 activities,
  • that model or teach,
  • Acts of kindness, empathy and compassion

Build Connection

Inspire Play

Learn kindness along the way!

kids raising hands sitting in a group

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Every child should be given the opportunity to learn how to be kind.

Anita's picture described as a blonde woman smiling wearing a blue shirt


Hi! I’m Anita and I’m here to help you and your child connect, play and learn because my mission is to help moms feel confident with simple ideas and activities for young children.

Each activity whether it’s focused on behavior or learning goals, I guarantee they will help you and your child feel more successful and prepare for what’s ahead.

Activities shouldn’t feel like more work. Instead, the routines and the various parts of a child’s day should determine what you do. Every child and every family is unique. 

I help moms take an expectation and break it into manageable, bite size pieces that align with the child’s interests and their family goals.