Why is it important to read books to young children?

Books promote brain development, imagination, language and emotions. Also as adults read to young children it supports the adult-child bond and helps the child develop self regulation.

90% of the brain is developed by the age of 5!  

Their brain neurons are growing and developing at a FAST pace when they're this young.

Start when they're babies or toddlers to stimulate that brain growth.

That's why this is an amazing list of recommended books suggested by other moms

"Anita always recommends amazing books!

Some of them are so creative and capture the hearts of young children."

- Preschool mom

Books Written and Published By Anita

More Book Recommendations!

Which one will you start with today?

Most of these books are affiliate links to Amazon. Using these links does not come at any extra cost to you. You can decide if you’d like to buy, or you can check your local library. If you do purchase through our affiliate link, Kids Move and Learn receives a very small percentage of that sale. 


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