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Don't keep having days like this...

  • Child wakes up
  • Toileting and dressing time
  • Food
  • You want them to play but…. it is “Mommy this, Mommy that”
  • More Food
  • Toileting, maybe a nap
  • You want them to play again but you hear “Mommy this, Mommy that”
  • More food
  • Bath
  • Sleep
  • Repeat


That’s why my mission is to help toddler and preschool moms simplify routines and activities to feel CONFIDENT through togetherness.

Simplify and Chunk Your Day into 6 Parts
Here's how:

Toddler teachers do this! They start with the schedule.

And then they fit as many things around meals and toileting FIRSTThen they add  in the other activities as they fit.

The same works for preschoolers, except they can be more independent if you start laying the right foundation of confidence.

And don’t forget transitions!

All day long you and your child are switching from one thing to the next. As a mom I loved transition time! It was a great way for us to connect and build in small learning opportunities.

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Daily Schedule Outline
Get your routines on track with this sample

Daily routine sample

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Daily routines such as toileting, dressing, bathing and more take up almost half of the waking day! 

Try adding in some learning concepts with a thought provoking question or play focused activity. 

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two kids eating snack

Meals and snacks take up about 20% of the waking hours in a child’s day!

Address many skills through conversation and with meal materials to learn things like quantities, sequencing and social skills.

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child overlooking crib

From the bedroom to the bathroom, to breakfast, then from the kitchen to the play room and so on…. 

This happens at least 10X a day! 

Use this time to get the child to focus on practicing previously learned skills while moving their bodies from one place to the next.

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girl playing doctor with a teddybear

Play Time
Children need lots of unstructured time to play and explore. Open-ended play gives adults time to be more observant and reflective.

Add in new materials and opportunities to enrich learning goals while also providing large chunks of time with unstructured activities allowing children time to explore.

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grocery store kid

Outside and Field Trips
New environments such as outside space to run, jump, walk and explore supports physical development and appreciation for nature.

Visits to neighborhood stores and community buildings gives opportunities for new language and background knowledge that helps develop reading, math and other skills.

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2 kids reading a book

Book Time
Before bed or other times throughout the day are great ways to set a calming time to connect.

Children need lots of books read to them so they are filled with language and stories to support learning about experiences that reach beyond the child’s day to day life.

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Daily Schedule Outline
Get your routines on track with this sample

Daily routine sample child not home

Anita provides great resources for busy moms raising kids. I enjoyed reading her articles and her videos. My kids enjoyed the activities. - Betsy

Our Categories

Don’t get bogged down on all the worksheet or crafty table activities. Play happens all day in many ways. To help you find what you want, the resources on this site are categorized in the following ways. 

Creativity, imaginative thinking and self-expression are fostered through art which also supports communication skills. The more open-ended the art activity is, the more it will help keep the focus more on the process versus the product.

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Pretend Play

Our Mission focuses on building secure attachments through simplified routines and activities.

After all, every child should be ready for K and every mom should feel confident that SIMPLE is GOOD!

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Play & Learning Activities
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Simplified Teaching Through Play
3 Video Course to Learn how to create meaningful activities
  •  Clarify Family Goals
  •  Identify Learning Goals
  •  Create Experiences
  • Simplified TeachingWatch 3 videos and use the guide
  • Learn how and what to teach
  • Teach through PLAY
What Parents Say

"My son started to collect rocks everywhere we went, he was always bringing some home, and he wanted to keep them for a while, then I realized that I could actually create some cheap and educational activities by following the ideas I found at Now I actually like when we play rocks together." - Mom of a 2 year old

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Behavior Ideas and Activities

This is the ultimate activity guide to help get behavior you love. Based on aligning the 3 key ideas: connection, presence and expectations, moms find this helpful to select ideas that work for them.


Weekly Rock Lesson Plan

The weekly activity plan to teach through rocks is here to help you implement easy and engaging activities that match your child's development and interests.

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