Snack Time Math for Preschool


Who says don’t play with your food?

Sorting, counting, and much more math can happen at snack time! This Snack Time Math for Preschool is ideal for kids and moms who want to add small doses of learning while eating or help with picky eaters.

Don’t let Math stress you out. Just add in small activities like this once a week at meal time and you’ll be all set.

Download the print outs to either count, or sort. Ideal for ages 3 and up!

If kids are loving it you can encourage them to repeat the activity with toys and teddy bear picnics too!

Get the snack time math for preschool today!


This Snack Time Math activity is such a great way to get preschool kids learning while they eat! Kids can use their food like grapes, crackers or cheese to sort, count, and use describing words. Think about all the math words like more, less, big, small. Or maybe the counting words, or comparing is 6 bigger than 5? And don’t forget about shapes too! Try sorting circle and square crackers, or rectangle shapes.

Use these placemats at the table but don’t forget to order some type of plastic sleeves such as these thick covers you can order from our affiliate link. (Note: you can use these covers for SO many more activities too!)

Children often learn how to count 1, 2, 3 and so on. But do they know how to identify that the number 3 means THREE things? These are the kinds of things that will help. For example, if they count 10 objects do they double count an object or do they skip an object? If you answered yes, then this activity is for you. Don’t have to build in more time to learn some basic skills. Kids will love it and maybe even try to taste new foods in the process!

If kids are loving it you can encourage them to repeat the activity with toys and teddy bear picnics too!

To learn more you can also watch this video.

For some great books to use about counting food check out our book recommendations.

Start having fun today with this snack time math for preschool.


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