Simplify the Play and Learning


Simplify the play and learning in simple steps.

Teach through PLAY to build independence and meet your goals. Link to 3 private videos in this program and so much more!

Read all that’s included below.


Simplify the play and learning by breaking down things into easier and more manageable steps.

Plan learning goals while you save time and money BEFORE you start an activity!

Want to make sure your activities are fun and teach ? Sign up for Simplified Teaching Through Play.

Learn how to….

⭐️ Cut down the prep time

⭐️ Create activities with little to no cost

⭐️ Teach skills and build independence

⭐️ Build connection through time together

⭐️ Simplify fancy activities to meet the needs of your goals and expectations

⭐️ Inspire your child’s creativity and critical thinking skills by engaging in open ended activities

⭐️ Build confidence in your child

⭐️ Feel empowered knowing you’re making a lasting impression

Here’s what you’ll get:

➡️ “Simplified Teaching” step by step Video program [Value: $194]

➡️ “Simplified Teaching” Guidebook [Value: $17]

➡️ Book of Weekly Rock Plans [Value: $9.97]

➡️ Play and Learning Activities that Engage Toddlers and Preschoolers book [Value $29.97]

➡️ Booklet of Blank Lesson Plan Templates [Value: $9.97]

➡️ Private Facebook group with personal access to Anita and other Early Childhood experts




Please note that there are no refunds. If you are unhappy with your purchase please reach out to Anita to discuss how to make it more useful.


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