Play and Learning Activities Book


Over 200 pages of fun simple ways to keep kids engaged in activities that are full of learning. Few materials are needed saving you time and money by keeping the kids busy without having to buy more toys.

This Play and Learning Activities book is ideal for busy moms with young kids as it’s filled with many simple ideas that keep kids engaged.

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This amazing book “Play and Learning Activities that Engage Toddlers and Preschoolers” has over 200 pages of fun ways to keep kids engaged in simple activities that are full of learning!

Feel confident knowing the activities were designed by a licensed teacher with over 20 years of working in early childhood. Play-based and child-led keeps a simple focus and less stress for you.

Developmentally appropriate means the skill and knowledge in these activities are focused for children ages 18 months to 6 years. With some of the extension activities you’ll find older kids will love them too! Favorite activities such as egg hunts, rock collections and freeze dance have added twists to promote math and literacy skills your little ones need and can start when they’re 2!

Help your child have fun, love learning, and increase knowledge, all while doing low-prep activities together.

Some ideas that you will find inside are super open ended, and others give you a few question prompts you can give your child to enhance some learning.

  • Doll Washing
  • Number Hunting
  • Shaving Cream Shapes
  • Snack Time Math

The book will give you a variety of activities to choose from. You can pic one of the categories such as Literacy, Math, Science or others. It also walks you through whether you want to be side-by-side working with your child, or how to set it up for independent play!


For more information on who is Anita and how ideas within the book, you can also check out her instagram.


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