Frequently Asked Questions

There are already a ton of free activities out there - why this?

These activities fit into the regular scheduled day and most come with open ended ideas that don't require any prep or materials. Out there we see things look cute and sparkly and you. have to imagine how much work is done by an adult versus a child? 

Can I get a free sample?
I'm a working mom, I don't have time, or unsure of how much time I need for this.
I'm already swamped. How can I add these into our day?
Is there a Facebook community for members
How am I held accountable to do the activities?
Can I use this in a classroom?
I am a grandma, sitter, or nanny, will this still be useful to me?
Can I get a refund?
Are they physical products or e-products on this site?
How long will I have access to my downloads?
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