Imagine your child listening to you and following your directions...

It is possible with three easy steps!

shareturntakestepsGoal Setting:

Become aware of behavior patterns and pick one to change.

brainpic of a kid One Idea at a Time:

Pick a bite-size strategy to use right away.

momchildcoloring Connect and Do:

Through love you build in the ideas one step at a time.

Have you ever been told by a friend or family member to try something with your child because it worked for them? And when you tried it, the results were opposite?

Or if you have more than one child, you did something that worked well with one of them, but not the other?

That’s because every child and every family are unique!

What works for one child is not likely to work for all.

Guiding Behavior Video Series

Anita explains in this 3 minute video how the free “Get Behavior You Love” video series works to meet your goals and needs.

To get behavior you love you need to follow these three steps...

Set a goal.

Observe and reflect what is happening.

Pick an idea.

Pick a simple idea that will align with your goal and child's needs and interests.

Do it with love.

Connect, play and learn! Take time to model and build in practice and you'll get independence before you know it!

Repeat with small goals one step at a time!

  • Watch videos 1 and 2
  • Use the reflection guidebook
  • Pick your goal
meet anita

Imagine changing a stressful bath routine to an enjoyable one with one small change?

In this video, Anita describes a frustrating bath routine when her son was 4. 

Anita started a new routine and within a week she changed the behavior to a joyful time. 

Now, two years later you can see how her son does the routine with a stuffed animal.

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