Anita Vermeer

Author, parent, friend, coach and certified teacher with over 25 years of experience working for young children

Girl with a blue coat, silly grin and standing in a pretend overgrown pair of wooden shoes

My writing began way back in elementary school, so I have to thank a teacher. However, I’m not sure exactly when the interest in writing actually started. I still remember when I was about 7 years old sitting in class staring at the writing prompt and after 15 minutes still having nothing but scribbles on my paper.

Fast forward decades later I can’t stop brainstorming ideas to write about!

Life is a journey. Full of experiences, surprises, challenges and cherishing those moments of tranquil. My writing reflects my wide variety of interests and experiences.

We all fill many roles, each bringing a new perspective to our lives. Some of mine that inspire my writing are from being a mom, teacher, friend, coach, employee, wife, ex-wife, someone’s date, a girlfriend, game addict, rollergirl and more.

My passion in writing is to convert my experiences to support other people’s journey.

Every day I’m adding a new topic or idea into my writing journal. Some focus on parenting or education and sometimes it’s on self-help. And sometimes it’s on just pure silliness as the concept of connecting with children is a priority.

Inspiration is key. Knowing I can help others inspires me to write. Let me know how I can inspire your journey.

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