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Hi! I'm Anita and I'm here to help!

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I’m here to help you and your child connect, play and learn because my mission is to help moms feel confident with simple ideas and activities for young children.

Each activity whether it’s focused on behavior or learning goals, I guarantee they will help you and your child feel more successful and prepare for what’s ahead.

Activities shouldn’t feel like more work. Instead, the routines and the various parts of a child’s day should determine what you do. Every child and every family is unique. 

I help moms take an expectation and break it into manageable, bite size pieces that align with the child’s interests and their family goals.

Imagine your day focused on the basic routines without worrying if your child is learning?

Join the 1008 Connect-Play-Learn Mission!

  • The mission is to do SIMPLE activities one day at a time that builds on their learning and your relationship, while giving you MORE time to relax.

Be Confident

Knowing they are engaged and learning at their own pace towards universal goals.

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Spend very little time on preparation giving you more time to choose to play, observe or catch up on daily life chores!

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Activity Planner

Select the activities that suit your goals and interests.

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Parts of the Day

Use various parts of the day such as routines, meals and playtime!

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What We Do

Simplify Routines and Activities

Start when they're 2 and work one small step at a time to prepare for K.

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Provide Free Resources
Help to Meet Your Goals
Save you Money and Time
Provide a Community

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There are over 1400 days

between the ages of 2-5.
10,000 Mornings, Meals,
Car Rides, Play Hours,
and MORE!
Activities are EASY!

When you simplify them!

How it all began ...

Anita Vermeer, M.Ed. is a parent, coach and certified teacher with over 25 years of experience working for young children. Becoming a working, single mom at 40 without any family in the same country, she constantly felt guilty or anxious that she couldn’t do for her child what she did for hundreds of kids over the years!

When Anita’s son couldn’t handle a four-year-old preschool program, she felt lost!

She spent the rest of the year focused on changing her mindset. As she started letting go of the fears she started to recognize why things didn’t work. The more she let go of her guilt, the more she was able to trust her instincts. She intentionally changed her routine and as a result she now feels confident and wishes she knew then what she knows now.

Every mom should feel this peaceful confident feeling!

That’s why Anita started this collection of Resources! Knowing that your child can be ready for K with all of those smaller daily activities is PLENTY!

No need to do the fancy stuff or feel the societal pressure. Embedding simple activities will prepare them for independence and reinforce the loving relationship you want and need. 

The 1008 Mission grew from this.

Doing 1008 activities between ages 2-5 is EASY! 


The mission focuses on building secure attachments through simplified routines and activities.

After all, every child should be ready for K and every mom should feel confident that SIMPLE is GOOD!

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No Prep needed!

Do small activities that reinforce connection and foster learning in your day to day routines.