Simple toddler and preschool activities through daily routines

Short on time and want kids to play? 

Or exhausted because your kids don’t listen? 

Imagine your day feeling confident and relaxed!

4 pictures of kids. girl playing in brown paper, boy grinning while he colors, mom hugging a girl and the number 2 in shaving cream

Connect-Play-Learn through Daily Activities









About Us

Play Time

Explore time with a lot of unstructured simple activities

Outdoor Play or Field Trips

Run, jump, outside play, exploring nature or community visits


Bathing, toileting, dressing and more take up almost half of the day!


Smooth transitions between the numerous parts of the day!

Book Time

Daily reading time is essential to build literacy skills


Utilize the most of this time that takes up 20% of the day! 

The 1008 Mission is all about building secure attachments through simplified routines and activities.

After all, every child should be ready for K and every mom should feel confident that SIMPLE is GOOD!

Activities are ...

Fun and Engaging - 100%
Teaching Independence - 100%
Gradual Steps to the Skills needed in K - 100%
Reinforcing and Building Secure Relationships - 100%
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These are not worksheets. They are simple activity descriptions to engage your child in play and get time back for you!

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